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A Small Business Loan

But before you start to research what getting a small business loan entails, there are some key things to nail down. First on that list is figuring out exactly how you’ll use your influx of cash (closely [..]

How To Finance Your Start Up Business

Equity means ownership. With equity investment, an investor makes money available for use in exchange for an ownership share in the business. If you use equity investment, be sure to consider how much ownership you’re [..]

Trade wars will boost digital manufacturing

Stroll through any aisle at Walmart and you will notice that a lot of what you can purchase comes from China and is made from plastic, because it simply costs significantly less due to China’s expertise in [..]

Innovations in 3D Printing

The size of most 3D printed objects is constrained by the size of the 3D printer they’re printed in. A group of Dutch manufacturers stumbled on this little fact when they were looking for a [..]